03:51 AM - 12 Jul 2024

Break the Rules Day today. Not all the rules though - just these ones!!— Thames Ditton Jrs () July 12, 2024

03:50 AM - 12 Jul 2024

Thanks to the Year 6 team and Mrs Gardiner for last night’s Year 6 Leavers Disco.— Thames Ditton Jrs () July 12, 2024

05:50 AM - 3 Jul 2024

It was lovely to welcome Year 2s to our school yesterday. We started with a whole school assembly, followed by meeting the new teacher, class activities and time in the playground. We look forward to you all joining us in September— Thames Ditton Jrs () July 3, 2024

17:47 PM - 13 Jun 2024

Campfire, zip lines and Body surfing are amongst the activities currently being enjoyed by Year 6 on the Isle of Wight # Year6Residential— Thames Ditton Jrs () June 13, 2024

13:40 PM - 12 Jun 2024

Goodbye mainland .. Year 6 are well on the way to the Isle of Wight!— Thames Ditton Jrs () June 12, 2024

07:10 AM - 12 Jun 2024

Year 6 are off to the Isle of Wight today for their residential trip. Make the most of all the opportunities Year 6 and have a fabulous time.— Thames Ditton Jrs () June 12, 2024

06:20 AM - 5 Jun 2024— Thames Ditton Jrs () June 5, 2024

22:18 PM - 22 May 2024— Thames Ditton Jrs () May 22, 2024

07:46 AM - 17 May 2024

A snapshot of some of the activities from yesterday. Year 5 residential at Marchants Hill. Let’s hope the weather remains pleasant for their last day— Thames Ditton Jrs () May 17, 2024

06:30 AM - 16 May 2024

Year 5 are experiencing lovely weather and have so far enjoyed some archery, giant swings, muddy tunnels and jumping off the trapeze! Delicious curry or sausage rolls for dinner, then sports on the field.— Thames Ditton Jrs () May 16, 2024

Senior Leaders and Teaching Staff

Matt lewis 2 Mr Matt Lewis
Senior Leadership Team
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Staff Governor
Dave Broers Mr David Broers
Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Curriculum Lead
Phonics Lead

Kat Hodge Ms Kathleen Hodge
Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Head of Year 6
English Team Joint Lead
PPG Lead

RH 0928085707981

Ms Lauren Holmes
Assistant SENDCo

Senior Leadership Team
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Personal Development Joint Team Lead
(PSHE, EHW, RSE, Pupil Voice)
Staff4 (2) Mrs Kamenthrie Welsh
Head of Specialist Centre
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Dave Archard

Mr Dave Archard
Head of Year 3

3 Attenborough Class Teacher
Reading Lead
Geoff Bond Mr Geoff Bond 3 Simmonds Class Teacher
Humanities Team
Holly Hamilton Miss Holly Hamilton 3 Williams Class Teacher
Arts Team
Daniel Lewis Mr Daniel Lewis
Head of Year 4
4 Tolkien Class Teacher
Humanities Team Lead
Gemma Duncan Miss Gemma Duncan 4 Earhart Class Teacher
Anam Sufi Mrs Anam Sufi 4 Fiennes Class Teacher
Personal Development Team
AG 0928083756267 Mr Tom Barnett

Head of Year 5
5 Goodall Class Teacher
STEM Team Lead (Science, Computing, DT, Maths)
Justine Alcock Mrs Justine Alcock 5 Curie Class Teacher
Personal Development Joint Team Lead
Mrs Stephanie Dinsdale Mrs Stephanie Dinsdale 5 Goodall Class Teacher
Humanities Team
Hannah Saunders Mrs Hannah Saunders

5 Curie Class Teacher
English Team
Amy Wilson Miss Amy Wilson 5 Hamilton Class Teacher
Humanities Team
Development of Outdoor Learning
Mrs Sarah Brown (2) Mrs Sarah Brown 6 Anning Class Teacher
Physical Education Lead
Mrs Katharine Lee Mrs Katharine Lee 6 Anning Class Teacher
The Arts Team Lead
James Shaw Mr James Shaw 6 Turing Class Teacher
Tom rissen Mr Tom Rissen 6 Morpurgo Class Teacher
Jazmine blake 2 Ms Jazmine Blake HLTA
Whole Class Teaching
Mrs Lisa Charlton Mrs Lisa Charlton

ELSA Support
Physical Education Team
Helen davis 2 Mrs Helen Davis Reading & Phonics Intervention Teacher
Emma khan 2 Mrs Emma Khan

Whole Class Teaching
Mrs K Robson Mrs Kate Robson Reading Intervention Teacher