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Stuart win the House Cup!! All Year Groups to return in September (Year 3 on 3rd September, Years 4, 5 & 6 on 7th September).

What's coming up?

Balloon race imageTDJS Virtual Balloon Race

Join the first ever TDJS Virtual Balloon Race and have some fun while raising money to enrich school life for the children. All are welcome to take part – children, teachers, parents, siblings, wider family and friends.


The Race
The balloons will be launched at 9.00 on Friday 3rd July from Hogwarts in Scotland. This is an entirely virtual race created to simulate a real life balloon race, but with none of the danger to wildlife or the environment. Our balloons will travel according to actual wind and weather conditions
and will be tracked

Launch locationvirtually using a system based on Google maps. Winning balloons will be those that have travelled the furthest, as measured in a straight line from the launch location, by 9.00 on Friday 10th July.


The Prizes
The top three TDJS balloons will each win £25 Waterstones vouchers to spend on books, toys or gifts; online or in store.


Our balloons are also competing with balloons from other schools as part of the larger Schools Out Race. Prizes for the overall race are: 1st £500 cash; 2nd Apple iPad; plus 10 runners up prizes of £10 book tokens.


How to enter
1. Go to the TDJS Virtual Balloon Race.

2. Click on the Buy Balloons banner and Create an Account*.

3. Purchase balloons for £3 each.

4. Edit your balloons on your personal dashboard. You can log in and make changes to your balloons up to 30 minutes before the race starts:

Label – choose a name to go on your balloon.

Decorate – choose colours and patterns for your balloon.

Customise – choose your balloon shape, amount of helium and rubber thickness to help your balloon travel further and faster. But remember that like real life balloons your balloon can pop and a very light balloon may not survive stormy weather!


Remember to save your changes.


Balloons on map

Follow the race

Watch the balloons launch and view the leaders during the race on our TDJS Virtual Balloon Race page; follow us on Facebook to receive updates; or to track your own balloon(s) log in and go to your personal dashboard.


If you have any queries please get in touch.


We hope you enjoy it and good luck!


*Your details need to be registered with the Ecoracing website so that we can contact winners. No personal data will be retained after the race prizes have been awarded.