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We currently have spaces in our Year 6 cohort for September. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact the office.

The Arts

Thames Ditton Junior School places a high emphasis on the arts. We aim to celebrate the arts by making the most of opportunities to express cultural diversity and explore feelings and ideas.

The arts include the performing arts, visual arts, applied arts, the media and multimedia and language arts such as poetry and plays. We provide all children with the opportunity to engage in the arts as makers, performers, exhibitors and as spectators. We aim to provide the arts as part of the core curriculum and give children regular opportunities to have access to professional artists and their work in the arts, in order to enrich the pupils’ experiences. Staff development ensures that children experience high quality arts teaching. The arts have many links with other subjects and these links are exploited and reflected in planning. 


Thames Ditton Junior School believes that the successful transference of life skills, arising from arts education, will enable pupils to use their imaginations creatively, cooperate with others and develop the tenacity to realise creative ideas. Such skills are developed through an Enterprise Week where the children design and make products to be sold as well as a Creative Arts week where the children experience a range of activities based on a particular theme or country.

Our school celebrates the children’s art work through displays around the school as well as through whole school exhibitions. 

Timeline for the Hall Display - each class made one of the boards

Christmas Display in Hall December 2015