Thames Ditton

Junior School

A place to learn, a place to grow


At Thames Ditton Junior School, the teaching of science aims to stimulate and excite children's natural curiosity about the world around them. We believe that science should be taught through an enquiry-based approach, involving as much hands-on practical activity as possible. Children are encouraged to be scientists by asking questions and seeking answers: they choose suitable equipment for carrying out an investigation; decide on their method; find the best way of recording their results and analyze their data.
Class-based science lessons are complemented by a wide range of activities including field visits to local sites e.g. Esher Common, theatre in education performances, visits to science centres and museums and the use of our own extensive outdoor environment. We are very excited about our purpose-built science laboratory. This greatly enhances the children's experience of science at Thames Ditton Junior School and we believe that we are one of only a handful of primary schools that have a laboratory in the entire country.