Thames Ditton

Junior School

A place to learn, a place to grow

We currently have spaces in our Year 6 cohort for September. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact the office.

Physical Education (PE)

Sport and participation in games and group activities is paramount in our school philosophy.  At Thames Ditton Junior school we believe that Physical Education plays an important role in making our vision statement  "a place to learn, a place to grow" a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people's lives for the better.  We encourage all children to become involved in physical activity either during lessons or a s part of an extra-curricular activity.


Children follow the National Curriculum for PE in all year groups, with each unit having a progressive element that builds on basic skills, working towards application of these skills in team sports and more complex sequences of movement.  Co-ordination skills are developed through schemes of work in gymnastics, dance and outdoor games, using a wide range of apparatus and equipment.  As a result of thorough planning, innovative training and enthusiastic delivery, all pupils are given the opportunity to participate co-operatively and compete as part of a team in all areas of physical activity.


We are incredibly proud of the extra-curricular activities and clubs currently offered at our school - these include football, tag rugby, cross-country, athletics, cricket, judo, tennis, netball, dodge ball, handball, hockey and golf.  We have fantastic facilities with three multi-use courts for tennis or netball, an all-weather surface fully enclosed pitch and generous field space including long and high jump pits.  All these are used as part of curriculum teaching and by community coaches.


Throughout the year, children take part in competitive football, netball, cricket, dodgeball and rugby matches, competing against other schools across the Esher District.  We also compete in both indoor and outdoor athletics and cross country.  We have experienced a great deal of success in these events over recent years.


In the Autumn term the whole school takes part in a sponsored run raising money for local charities.  During the Summer term the school holds a Sports Day with a trophy awarded to the winning house.  


Newly pierced ears
We strongly advise children to have their ears pierced at the start of the summer holidays to avoid a situation where a child is unable to do PE as they can’t take their earrings out.
Guidance advises that children cannot do PE with earrings in for health and safety reasons.
However, PE/ Games is obviously a statutory part of the National Curriculum so participation is essential.
As a result we have asked that where a situation arises that a child does have newly pierced ears in school time the teacher uses their discretion as to whether it is safe for the child to join in with the lesson. I would say that most our activities in the curriculum are safe. I probably wouldn’t allow them to do rugby or netball. 
I would also ask the parent of that child to put in writing that their child has recently had their ears pierced, can’t do PE for ‘x’ amount of time and that they understand it will be at the teachers discretion whether they can join in with the activities.