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We currently have spaces in our Year 6 cohort for September. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact the office.

Jigsaw - Year 6

Jigsaw – ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’ units of work



  • To identify the most significant/special people in my life so far.
  • To recognise feelings we can have when someone dies or leaves and use some strategies to manage these feelings.
  • To understand there are different types of loss and different stages of grief.
  • To recognise when people are trying to gain power or control and to stand up for myself and others in these situations.
  • To use technology positively and safely and recognise how it can be used to gain power or control.


Changing Me

  • To be aware of my own self-image and how my body image fits into that.
  • To explain how girls’ and boys’ bodies change during puberty and to understand the importance of looking after myself physically and emotionally.
  • To ask questions about puberty changes.
  • To describe how a baby develops from conception to birth.
  • To understand how physical attraction changes the nature of a relationship.
  • To prepare myself emotionally for starting secondary school.