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We currently have spaces in our Year 6 cohort for September. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact the office.

Jigsaw - Year 4


Year 4


Jigsaw Programme – ‘Changing Me’ and ‘Healthy Me’

Changing Me

· Learning that some of our characteristics have come from our birth parents and that this happens because the egg and sperm join together.

· Learning to correctly label the internal and external parts of male and female bodies necessary for making a baby.

· Learning to describe how a girl’s body changes and that menstruation is a natural part of the change needed to make babies.

· Learning to manage changes that will occur, not just in our bodies, but also with regards to our feelings during any changes.

Healthy Me

· Learning to understand the facts about smoking, why some people choose to smoke and its effects on our health.

· Learning to understand the facts about alcohol and its effects on health, particularly the liver.