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We currently have spaces in our Year 6 cohort for September. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact the office.

Jigsaw - Year 3


Jigsaw Programme – ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’

· Identifying roles and responsibilities of each family member, reflecting on expectations for males and females.

· Identify and put into practise some of the skills of friendship, including dealing with conflict.

· Keeping yourself safe and knowing who to ask for help if you are worried.

· Looking at work of people around the world and how that can affect our lives.

· Needs and rights of children around the world, including identifying how children’s lives might be different.

· Expressing appreciation to friends and family.

· Understanding that animals and humans go through changes between conception and growing up, including females usually having babies.

· Understanding what a baby needs to live and grow.

· Understanding how babies grow and develop in the uterus.

· Expressing how you might feel about a new baby in the family.

· Understanding how bodies need to change, in order to have babies and how girls and boys bodies change on the outside.

· Understanding these changes and knowing how to cope with the feelings.

· Recognising stereotypical ideas about parenting and family roles.

· Expressing how you feel when ideas are challenged and be willing to change ideas sometimes.